Classic and Modern Decors in Home and Office with Floor Tiles Made Easy

by marks .

A wide marshal of tiles is available in the market these days. With the advent of globalization and technology, tile selection, purchase and knowledge of interior designing and architectural specifications have become a cake-walk. You can even acquire help from an expert if you are lost for choice, technical know-how and price comparisons. All thse particular information you need is at your beck and call with the internet connectivity. From the selection, installation, grouting and maintenance of tiles to the safety measures you need to follow, can all be researched before you bent yourself up for any purchase.

The pros of tile selection

The ample range of tiles available in the market can indubitably cloud your judgment about selecting the ones suitable for you. It is advisable to know the positives of the common varieties. Ceramic tiles offer cost effectiveness, easy maintenance, durability and a plethora of vibrant choices and patterns. Porcelain tiles come with friendly maintenance as well as colorful choices in variety of patterns. Travertine tiles are known for their durability, ageless classic and natural look, non-slippery finish, ability to withstand extreme climatic conditions while staying cool even in harsh sunlight. Marbles are naturally stunning with various color choices.

The cons of tile selection

Having the requisite knowledge about the negative aspects of the commonly used tiles will give you the advantage of calculated selection when you acquire floor tiles. Ceramic tiles stance difficulty while installing, the hardness clout feel uncomfortable including impart a colder feeling when the mercury drops. Porcelain tiles are difficult to install, the hardness might make you feel uncomfortable and the colder feeling during winters might also not be welcome for you. Travertine tiles are unsuitable to be used in kitchen for its reactive quality with certain acids, lack preeminent maintenance and are expensive. Marbles are easily stainable, require high maintenance and are expensive.

Popular stone tiles

If you want the aesthetic natural stone tiles, you have quite a number of options to select from. Travertine is the most popular for its variety in textures, veining and colors whereas granite gives you the durability furthermore aesthetic classic look. Slate gives you warm colors for both indoors and outdoors. Marble, Onyx, Quartzite, Sandstone, Limestone also Rocks give you the ageless classic feel. Rocks proposal soothing textures and accents, sandstone has a grainy texture, limestone is known for its softness and neutral color shades, quartzite has an unique sparkling effect while onyx stands unprecedented in its honey colored grandness.