Carpet Cleaning – Modern Cleaning Methods

by marks .

Carpet_Cleaning164.jpg A slew of methods are available for carpet cleansing and your selection will depend on your preference.

Steam cleaning alternative hotness watery extraction

The term “steam cleaning” has always been misleading because it is assumed that this carpet cleaning method uses steam to disinfected the carpets. However, very immemorial temperature is generally not good for carpets, as it could destroy the carpet fibers. A mixture of detergent and hot water solution is sprayed into the carpet by use of truck-mounted or portable equipment. The solution then seeps into the carpet pile and is then vacuumed out, together with the soil particles.

Rotary brushes are useful in working the solution finished the pile and loosening the soil particles. The result from this method will depend on: solution temperature, vacuum power, knowledge, operation skills and spray pressure. Take note that the best truck-mounted machines are those powered besides the truck engines.


This method works by using foam, which is applied to the carpet by the use of an aerosol container. Using a dry sponge, the foam is worked form the carpet. Wait for a while until it dries. Following drying, nothingness away the residue, which contains suspended soil residue. At this point, there will be no risk of over-wetting. Considering to the stipend of agua used in this method, it is considered to be drier than other methods, hence less effective compared to wetter methods. The other downside to this method is that the fizz could leave residue which later on becomes difficult to remove even using wetter methods.


This rug cleaning method works with a rotary brush that releases detergent solution into the carpet through its opening. The rotary action works so that it can create foam from the solution and works it into the carpet. After drying, the residue containing the loose soil particles are removed using a vacuum. The detergent unravel can be enhanced by adding chemicals to reduce odors, brighten colors plus speed up the drying process. Occasion using this method, it is important to note that you should thoroughly vacuum the carpet, otherwise, the fibers will have remains of residue that could cause it to re-soil.

Combined shampooing and hot sprinkle extraction

When you permutation shampooing among hot water extraction, you are likely to circulate an even polish carpet from either method. This method is more businesslike than each individual method and is necessary when the carpet is highly foul with a lot of soil pueblo up. The process works in couple steps. A rotary brush shampoo is used to loosen the soil particles. Proceed to hot water extraction, and next instead concerning the detergent solution, expedient water. This removes the shampoo together with the dirt. Although efficient, the method is expensive. However, due to the cost, you could use hot water extraction method alone, particularly for residential carpet cleaning.