Hindi radio channels, Dance or Cooking TV shows – Pick One?

by marks .

1 2 3 4, Get on the dance floor is a song that says it all. People ever get going to foot thumping, kernel lashing music. Whether you are a good dancer or have two left feet you can’t resist the pull of a dancer number. If nothing else a perky dance number will get you tapping your foot oppositely clapping your hands keeping in time to the music. Dancing shows and dance beget been a form of vocalizing all the emotions that music stirs, whether it’s the swaras or ragas of Hindustani or Carnatic music rather Bach on the piano or rock and trance music on the guitar. On hearing music that stirs your soul and touches your bosom separate automatically starts moving about or dancing on the spot itself.

Perhaps this is what brought about new way of showcasing dance on video the ballet shows. In the nigritude & white TV term the only dance you could see on television was classical. There are different forms of dance like contemporary, hip-hop, locking polysyndeton popping, jazz, rumba, salsa, ballet, ballroom dancing to name a few of the popular ones today. Dancing shows today have given the common man, an amateur dancer a fair vicissitudes to try his luck at winning in these shows.

The television shows today are reality shows where a set of 10 to 12 contestants compete to win the coveted title. This titulary bestows the winner with prize pelf et alii a chance to become famous and well known. Dancing shows are where riffraff from all over the country upon unrelated backgrounds compete among each other to win the favour of the market and judges alike with their dance capabilities. These shows typically last for about two or trichotomous months culminating in a finale to the final prize. The contestants forge friendships, become comfortable with specific other and learn to hone their skills while entertaining the audience and the viewers including their dancing skills.

Have you heard your friends say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? That is a true and a proven fact, but what many can not realise is that this testimony holds true women and children too. Food that is sumptuous, beautifully presented and a gastronomic delight makes anyone happy about eating. Good, flavorsome and healthy food is the craze among people. To capture wacky for food viewer eyeballs, television industry has come up with gastronomy TV shows.

Such cooking TV shows were earlier vernacular with housewives. The first show in India was Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s Khana Khazana. In the beginning it was only about benefice food, today these very cooking TV shows have undergone a sea change. Modern healthy food, quick cooking tips, and different techniques of cooking are shown and discussed on TV. This absolute love for culinary has made cooking TV shows on Food bite channel and Master Chef, for adults and children are very popular.